Radio Cosmos founder Frederic Bergamaschi is renowned for his energetic and enticing synthetic style, putting out records under a variety of monikers: for his latest musical endeavour he returns as Infinity Night, delivering the Eternal Love EP on Budapest-based label, Dalmata Daniel. Premiering exclusively here on If-Only is the cleverly constructed video for B1’s ‘Dark Energy’.

Expansive, retro-inclined synths chew their way through a sinewy powerhouse of a beat, and this addictive rhythm chugs along with genuine fervour, so as to match the intensity of Infinity Night’s glossy sound design. The producer’s devotion to vintage electro-disco lies at the very heart of this music – his genuine passion for this sound helps to make for an enlightening as well as thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. The accompanying video, made by Márton Kristóf, utilises a visual collagist approach, displaying a kaleidoscopic, globalised mishmash of imagery to go alongside the tune’s heady and evocative sensibilities.

The Eternal Love EP is out May 15th on Dalmata Daniel – pre-order the vinyl here.

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