Gloaming rough dark from Glasgow – we got a message from the Domestic Exile lads recently saying that Vickie McDonald, AKA Kleft, has a new music vid coming oot, and yes, it does it fizz.

Kleft’s H+ Sexualis hooked us from the first – raw, loaded, writhing, Vickie traipses gleefully beyond the boundaries of physicality and through full spectrum energy/tempo, unapologetic and unerring. From the low sleng of ‘Ossein’, through the caner throb of ‘Bruises and Bleeding Hands’ to ‘Hackenfleisch’s torn-off lurka riddim, the LP is loaded with nods to Donna Haraway’s A Cyborg Manifesto and Tetsuo: The Iron Man – yes let’s consider transhumanism and shredded skin. The experimental, frenetic/DIY charge of Tetsuo is particularly loud in the new video for ‘Keratin’ off of the album, which we’re premiering HERE and NOW.

It’s a toxic brain-bubbler from the hands of Shona Spalding and Dan Aitkin – known also as Dark and Shiny video – who’s previous work includes productions for Total Leatherette and Lower Slaughter, fellow GGow ressies to our Kleft and the Dom Ex fam.

Yep, we’re well happy to have this. Shout out to all involved and LONG LIVE DA NEW FLEISCH.

H + Sexualis is out now on Domestic Exile – buy it here

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