Unseen forces spawning a temporal glitch, pushing computer-rendered hallucinations and VHS reveries into a warped fifth dimension. As the rift in space-time deepens, so the intensity of our journey grows, the surrounding environment distorting exponentially until nothing, and we’re suspended in total darkness.

The accompanying video to ‘Systems_hyperthread’ is a fully-realised visual manifestation of Lårry‘s eerie skeletal techno. Taken from the sophomore 12″ on nascent UK label Uncertainty Principle, the track itself carries a foreboding aura: austere, anxious and desolate, atonal bleeps and whirrs bear a resemblance to a malfunctioning CPU or faint extraterrestrial signal while an overdriven kick drum rises from the mix like a monolith. Following an inaugural release that saw FFT (formerly Alma Construct) go on to release music with The Trilogy Tapes and Low Company, we expect similarly big things from the Berliner.

SYS_001 is out now on Uncertainty Principle – buy it direct from the label.

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