Imagine Videodrome‘s Max Renn ran a cable channel focused on children’s programming, rather than the sleazy, sensationalist content he dealt with in the film, and the underground broadcast discovered was of some puppeteering act. Now picture what it would be like to observe the subterranean feed in the midst of those twisted hallucinations he experiences. Well, whatever you’re visualising probably isn’t far from this lo-fi VHS mindfuck.

Robert Johnson resident Chinaski‘s newly-christened alias, S-F-X makes its debut with the first full-length album to appear on the excellent Kitjen imprint. Enriching his bleak ambient soundscapes with dusty samples procured from VHS horror movies previously destined for the landfill, ‘City’s accompanying video only enhances the disorientating and haunting qualities. As we fall even further down the Frankfurt native’s sonic wormhole, the visuals follow suit. Just as unnerving as the music itself, heavy manipulation transforms the sketchy VHS broadcast into a festering sea of bacteria.

S-F-X is out April 5th on Kitjen – pre-order the vinyl here.

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