Lynchpin of the Lisbon scene, Violet rarely shies away from politicising her endeavours. As demonstrated with the launching of her Naive label last year, the music can often speak for itself, but the newly-formed subsidiary, Naivety, is set to serve as more than an outlet for fresh sounds.

Only available on Bandcamp and geared towards “ambient, deconstructed club tracks, noise and beyond,” a percentage of profits raised will go to causes dear to the artists. Violet takes the reins for the inaugural effort, sandwiching mutant strains of club music between slo-mo breaks, drone and ambient, with all profits heading straight to Berlin-based “queer femme/non-binary forward collective,” Room 4 Resistance. A regular booking of theirs, Violet chose to show her support following a highly questionable decision by Berlin venue About Blank to cancel one of their events, purely on the grounds it felt that the collective openly declaring their solidarity with Palestinians in a cultural boycott of Israel was anti-Semitic (something that the author of this news piece, who happens to be Jewish, wholeheartedly disagrees with).

In the Name of the Mother is out now on Naivety – buy it direct from the label.

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