Manchester-based label Natural Sciences roll out a deeply satisfying and very much seamless 12” for their latest EP. Provided by Adelaide’s Warren Raww, the fourth outing has followed killer efforts from Antonio, Aleks and Aquarium / 外神田deepspace, but the Australian producer doesn’t flinch at the prospect. 

‘Gringos Tropicanas’ comes out swinging with a carnival celebration-type approach. Plenty of whistles and cow-bell make for some familiar dance-music tropes, although these sounds are assembled together underneath a canopy of genuinely intelligent rhythm that segues beautifully into the A-side’s second cut. ‘Sleeping Giant’ moves with snapping momentum, adorned with sprightly twinkles and a warped vocal sample that serves to embellish its hazy attitude even further. When the final rhythmic addition comes into play, it transitions from being teasingly intriguing to totally irresistible.

Titular track ‘Ross’ flourishes into a wondrous synth jam. It’s heavy on the reverb, low on any anxiety and certainly a contender for the EP’s most out-and-out feel-good moment. Saving the dreamiest contribution till last, ‘Japanese Tendencies’ sees Raww dropping the tempo in favour of a more reserved and contemplative sound, until the whole affair dissipates into the ether. Whilst it does indeed fade out in this manner, that’s not to say it detracts from how memorable a release this is as a whole – once again it would seem that Australia have given us another very talented prospect for the future.

Ross is out now on Natural Sciences – buy the vinyl direct from the label.

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