While he dabbles in the occasional disco edit, Dylan Khotin-Foote first appeared on our radar releasing coasting, horizontal grooves and gently-simmering acid on labels like 1080p and Normals Welcome. In what has become a Vancouver tradition of sorts, the his latest outing presents a pair of dreamy cuts under a freshly minted alias. Self-released on a label of the same name, the debut Waterpark 12″ witnesses the Canadian dip into an aquatic-inflected palette, albeit with differing results on either side.

‘SpeedLine Connect’ is a breakbeat-driven symphony of rippling synth lines: some tranquil, lapping against jagged drums, others shining brilliantly, illuminating a path through the watery mist. In constant ebb and flow, the insistent rhythms are exhilarating enough to inspire movement on the dancefloor while massaging synths occupy the space above. On the flip, wistful pads sketch a dubby atmosphere, meandering through a skeletal forest of percussion as ‘Sun Runner’ ushers in the calm.

WATERPARK001 is out now – buy the vinyl here.

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