Virtually omnipresent these days, Les Yeux Orange have become an essential resource for trailblazing electronic music via their excellent YouTube and Souncloud channels. Now the Parisian collective are presenting listeners with their first ever release and Portland producer Wav Fuzz has the esteemed privilege of inaugurating the newly-formed LYO label with his own vinyl debut. It’s a 12” that will have wax-lovers and fans of deeply rich house music in general rejoicing far and wide, with four distinct cuts that display quality, idiosyncratic dance touches in each of their impressive means of production.

The highlights come thick and fast throughout the EP’s snappy duration, with the titular opener ‘Cold Fresh Air’ most certainly being one – its woozy vocal sample and constantly evolving, spacious vibe prove to be a magical combination in terms of the track’s very much alluring sound. ‘Bahia Morphine’ strums along until its dense tapestry shrouds the track in feel-good vibes aplenty; ‘The Euphoric Six’ has a similar feel, albeit with a slightly rawer sense of rhythm which is aided by some murky distortion to further add to the proceedings. Closer ‘Way Down To Psili Ammos’ signs off the 12” with an appropriately sweet and exotic feel that is the perfect accompaniment to the release’s conclusion.

All in all, it’s a highly recommendable EP from the French label, genuinely showcasing how versatile Wav Fuzz can be when he has the dancefloor in mind.

Cold Fresh Air is out now on Les Yeux Orange – buy the vinyl from Juno or Clone.

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