A branch draped with vines, exotic birds and a temperature no creature could survive. With only that to go by, even the least perceptive of folk could deduce that the 165°C Records debut was likely to include some tropical sort of fare. Don’t let that put you off though – while balmy, pad-heavy house feels ubiquitous right now, an impressive debut from a duo going by the name of Weirdance shows there’s life in the well-worn formula yet.

As one half of Hoejeon Soli, Gyeongsu has a string of podcasts and edits under his belt, but the work alongside his latest partner in crime marks a departure from previous endeavours. It seems like said collaborator will remain in the shadows for now, but if the opening cut is any to go by, they make a formidable pair. ‘니카라과 (Nicaraugua)’ shimmers with a vivid opulence, introducing a skeletal breakbeat pattern and chirruping synths that suggest a sweltering trek through a wild and overgrown rainforest. At times it isn’t clear what they sound like more; bubbles popping mid-flight, or the mating call of a makak.

Next up is the title track’s ‘Excessive Mix’, a swaggering cut saturated in dewy, humid tones. Met by a new, jagged melody in the latter stages, the back and forth almost resembles the call and response between two birds of paradise. Totally mesmeric, the ‘Outrospective Mix’ continues with that muggy, rainforest aesthetic pervading the Weirdistain EP: a lead synth takes you by the hand, leading the way as you drift through a hidden lagoon. It’s a fitting conclusion to a 12″ overflowing with rainforest sounds and aquatic themes.

The Weirdistan EP is out now on 165°C Records – buy the vinyl from Piccadilly Records or direct from the label

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