François de Roubaix rose to fame composing scores for French cinema during the 1960s and 70s. Aged just 36, his passing was very untimely and as a consequence, much of his work has never seen the light of day. That hasn’t stopped de Roubaix enjoying posthumous success however as record labels endeavour to bring his compositions to a new audience, digging through the by-product of a career that spanned 14 years.

The French composer was asked to write the theme for a crime drama shortly before the tragic scuba diving accident that resulted in his death; a soundtrack that has become the centrepiece of a new de Roubaix retrospective on WeMe Records. Set to be pressed to vinyl for the first time, it won’t be the first time the Belgian label releases some of his music, and we hope it isn’t the last. There have been several reissues and compilations documenting a productive career, but these previously unheard excavations add another dimension to an already colourful and vivd body of work. Combining electronic innovations with more traditional folk and pop sensibilities, the evocative themes de Roubaix imagined 50 years ago haven’t lost any of their appeal.

Commissaire Moulin et Autres Scenes de Crimes is due to be shipped on 7th December 2015.

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