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DJ Stingray 313 @ Panama Racing Club 6.5.15

The ski mask sporting Detroit native is renowned for his rugged, rapid fire mixing technique, blending electro and techno at breakneck speed (rumour has it that he doesn’t play B2B anymore because no one can keep up). This recording of a set at Intergalactic FM’s Panama Racing Club back in 2015 is the perfect example of Stingray at the peak of his powers.


Mr. Ho: The Ransom Note Mix

The co-owner of Klasse Wrecks alongside Luca Lozano, one could mistakenly pigeonhole Mr. Ho as a purveyor of breakbeat and rave-themed nostalgia, but just like his collaborations with Neabau/Discus Throwers mastermind Heap, this recent mix for the Ransom Note shows off his highly-eclectic and far-reaching musical taste.


Carla dal Forno on NTS Radio – August 2017

Fast emerging as one of our favourite NTS shows, Blackest Ever Black affiliate Carla dal Forno infiltrated the airwaves, incorporating elements of krautrock, psychedelic pop, experimental Polish folk and post-punk into her kaleidoscopic, avant garde blend.


RA.565 Lutto Lento

“The Polish artist mixes up dancehall B-sides.”

‘Nuff said really…


Endless Illusion podcast #22 | Ian Martin

Responsible for one of our favourite releases this year with a stunning double 12″ of melancholic electro on Bio Rhythm, Rotterdam-based producer Ian Martin steps up for the Endless Illusion podcast series.

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