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NTS: SIREN w/ Octo Octa

Octo Octa‘s live set at Field Maneuvers was an undeniable highlight and our eyes lit up when we saw she was to make a guest appearance on SIREN‘s NTS show. The SIREN ladies just continue to put in the graft, championing the very best female and non-binary talent in electronic music.


GravityGraffitiMix#19: Øyvind Morken

Translated into English, the Soundcloud description reads: “Prepare for the eternal moonlight, this is Club music mixed by Øyvind Morken from Oslo: flutes, big bass, repressive percussion and a little heart warming.”

Nordic stylings on the mix series from one of our favourite labels of the last year or so, Gravity Graffiti.


RUBBER TIJD with Nosedrip

Ziggy Devriendt AKA Nosedrip delivers a ‘Japan-only special’ for the Hague-based RUBBER crew. Oddities for days.


Digital Tsunami 132 – Myn

EBM brutalism and industrial timbres from Paris as Public System Recordings boss Myn steps up for Digital Tsunami.


NTS: Anu (Live From Nyege Nyege Festival)

London-based selector Anu administered a genre-hopping blend as part of the NTS showcase at Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Festival. An international affair before she’d even begun, a selection that traverses genres like UK funky, Italo, NY house and Bollywood disco seems fitting.

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