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Beverly Hills 808303 at Dekmantel Festival 2017

Viewlexx, Murder Capital and Intergalactic FM mastermind I-f only dons his Beverly Hills 808303 alias for occasions that demand the most abrasive and unfettered acid techno the Netherlands has to offer. Recorded live from Dekmantel 2017, this isn’t for the faint of heart.


Friends In Bad Taste 005 – DJ Sports & Central

Flying the flag for Århus, DJ Sports and Central take some time away from co-running a slew of dope labels to visit Brisbane, recording a mix for the Bad Taste House Collective “towards the end of a week of coastal chills, beers and digs.” If you weren’t already familiar, this is a great entry point to the dreamy, leftfield sounds of the fraternal duo.


FADER Mix: Ciel

A pillar of the Toronto scene, Cindy Li AKA Ciel works tirelessly promoting, DJing and championing music from individuals and collectives of the female persuasion. Having recently made her production debut, rolling out three lush, exquisitely balanced tracks on Shanti Celeste’s Peach Discs imprint, The FADER got her on board for a mix that “spans acid house to breakbeat to classic electronica of all stripes.” Read the accompanying interview here.


Radio Cómeme – CBD mix by JM Moser

Radio Cómeme line up ninety-plus minutes of club-ready ordnance for  from the man behind the much-loved Brown Rice radio show, JM Moser. Autechre “umbrella-project” Gescom and The Future Sound of London’s Indo Tribe alias to Midwestern heroes like Mad Mike and Gemini.


Forecast 20: Dream Cycles

Ambient meditations from Ireland’s Dream Cycles as he steps up for 12th Isle‘s ever-reliable ‘Forecast’ series.

“Recorded some months ago, the set is an introspective mix of some of her original compositions and some very complimentary records. For those of a northern hemispherical inclination this mix should be perfect for the frostier months ahead…”

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