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DIM 122 – Josh Cheon

Ahead of playing Dimensions in August, Dark Entries boss Josh Cheon recently made his submission to the festival’s in-house mix series. A recording of his set from a benefit gig for Sam Maxwell, AKA Peaches, who was seriously injured in 2016’s Oakland Ghost Ship fire, Cheon kicks off with a brooding selection of acid, electro and techno before diving into the dancefloor oddities synonymous with his label.


DJ Xanax & Dust-e-1 – live at Café Datcha 07/04/1

In a switch from the jungle revivalism we’ve come to expect, DJ Xanax and Dust-e-1 caught us off-guard with a playful, 4-hour back-to-back. Tongues placed firmly in cheeks, the life-affirming house eventually makes way for commercial cheese, reggae, and of course, a bit of jungle for good measure.


12th Isle Forecast 026: DJ Eliot

Worldwide FM host and Coastal Haze affiliate DJ Eliot gives a heady excursion through wave and lo-fi dub meditations for the 12th Isle gang. Superb.


MDC.188 Craigie Knowes

The latest trio of Craigie Knowes releases are arguably its finest to date, so it’s hardly surprising the Glaswegian label has gained recognition and interest far and wide – turning out an “unflinching assault of acid, electro and broken atmospheric moments,” this recent contribution to the Melbourne Deepcast series is testament to that.


NTS: SIREN w/ GiGi FM – 19.04.18

GiGi FM guests on SIREN‘s NTS show, delivering a furious intensity best suited to low-ceilinged basements and derelict industrial spaces.

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