Mixes and radio currently on rotation…


LIL MOFO charges through weirdo dancehall abstractions into peak-time shades of techno and jungle.


Hard Dance 057: Miley Serious

99cts RCRDS founder Miley Serious unleashes an onslaught of nosebleed techno and rapid-fire amen.


GGHQ Mix #49 : Telephones ‘Dialling In Tripping Out Journey Mix’

Telephones wheels out 2 hour’s worth of balmy, tripped-out curiosities, oddities and esoterica for Going Good.


˚pi2pi˚ ft. Ura b2b exfoliant

Montreal duo Ura and exfoliant caught reaching for digi-dub, dancehall, glitched-out electronics and urgent distillations of techno and trance.


UV Funk 070: Anime Soundtrack Special

Uncanny Valley‘s Philipp Demankowski pays tribute to lesser-known soundtracks and music inspired by anime. One for the weebs.

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