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Perila – Lost Clubs

Best known for her sensuous brand of ambient, ASMR and sonic erotica, Perila‘s phone accidentally recorded most of a set at About:Blank. Background noise, blemishes and all, we can try to live vicariously while dreaming of returning to the clubs once more.


Comme des Larmes podcast w / Pasiphae # 34

’80s DIY dancefloor action as Pasiphae dons the mascara for a raw and violently thrashing blend.


LYL One-Off : Tribute To The Independant Cassette Scene

Big Science boss Warzou took to the LYL airwaves to shine a spotlight upon Digitized Tapes 1:1, a new zine “focusing on covers of the independant cassette scene in the mid-’80s/early ’90s.”


Spook Mix 013 – Harold

Steeplejack founder Harold gets the synapses firing on all cylinders with 75 minutes of Artificial Intelligence-esque material.


zone farmer – artemisia

zone farmer goes from Ornette Coleman’s jazz to Psychic TV and Joe Hisaishi’s Kids Return soundtrack in just over 2 hours.

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