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Self-Portrait: Sui Zhen

All dream pop and perfumed ambience, the latest ‘Self-Portrait’ mix from Stamp The Wax finds Melbourne’s Sui Zhen playing 77 minute’s worth of her own unreleased material.


Trushmix 152: SVN

SUED co-founder SVN weaves cerebral strains of techno with electrified house cuts on an extended contribution to Fett Burger’s Trushmix series.


Ambient & Interieur 22 [Wilted Woman]

A deep listening blend of blissed-out ambience and esoteric sounds from Berlin-based artist, Wilted Woman.


BFDM’s Zahef Show on NTS w/ TRYPHEME

Trypheme played music from Laurie Anderson, Klein and Telephon Tel Aviv on BFDM‘s recent NTS broadcast.


ZeeZout Podcast 142 | Nemo & Castro

Sound Metaphors duo Nemo and Castro bringing an electrified, hi-NRG blend of dancefloor oddities to the ZeeZout podcast series.

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