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KLF – Made @ 3 A.M. Coming Down Off E

“Is this the KLF? Who knows…”

An exhumed session, (probably) recorded around 1989 in the Trancentral studio located in the basement of Jimmy Cauty’s former squat. Not exactly a mix, but we felt like chucking it in.


ML260: Nummer

Going Good-affiliated hardware enthusiasts Nummer show off their versatility for Mitamine Lab. Oozing with warmth and soul from beginning to end.


Elena Colombi w/ Dollkraut 14/08/17 – NTS Radio

Dollkraut was the last guest on Elena Colombi‘s killer NTS show. Synth music for dystopian landscapes, fuelled by coal-fired ’80s vitality and thick, black mascara. You know it’s good when they finish with Nitzer Ebb.


Blowing Up The Workshop 78 ◆ Flora Yin-Wong

A blend of amorphous, avant-garde electronics from the Daze & Confused and Resident Advisor contributor, Flora Yin-Wong. Not for the faint hearted. She also made a contribution to the excellent PAN’s mono no aware compilation that’s well worth checking out.


Trushmix 110 – Rat Salad

Not sure whether there’s a single Trushmix contribution that we haven’t enjoyed, and this is no exception. Rat Salad back at the controls on the Fett Burger-curated series for a fifth time. Is that a record? Probably.

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