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FM034: Violet b2b Photonz live at FM2017

Well documented in our review of the festival, Portuguese power couple Violet and Photonz pulled out a killer back-to-back at last year’s Field Maneuvers. “Irrepressible stuff, perfect for the smoke and lasers,” the organisers uploaded the set in its full, unadulterated glory ahead of the 2018 edition of the festival this coming weekend.


Trushmix 125: LNS

Wania mainstay and Vancouver-based producer LNS is back on Fett Burger’s Trushmix series, traversing digi-dub, cybernetic electro, ear-worm house and plenty more over an 80-minute duration.



SPFDJ is the latest in a long line of incredible femme talent to jump on the Discwoman mix series. Running for just over an hour, the Berliner’s own description sum it up better than our words ever could…

“It’s pretty raw and ‘hype’ if you ask me! Think I have been inspired lately by a bunch of new open-minded people I’ve met and going through a period of sexual discovery slash liberation. It’s quite some story that I won’t repeat here, but a couple of friends were engaged in some high jinx in the room whilst I was recording this and I think it really fed the energy of the mix!

Unfortunately there is a bit of mains hum in this take but I decided the energy was worth scaring off some audiophiles for hehe.”


Steele Bonus on NTS – Better Music Thru Electronics

Amsterdam-based oddball enthusiast Steele Bonus was found meditating on ambient, modern classical, minimal electronics and avant-garde for a recent NTS broadcast.


DKR-NYC Digital Dollars – ’80s digital reggae mixtape

5 years old, but it popped up in the SoundCloud feed the other day and being carnival weekend in London, we figured it was worth a share. Straight ’80s digi reggae stylings for the duration, courtesy of Brooklyn-based reissue outfit DKR-NYC.

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