Berlin’s analogue-centric LAN project launches digital label.

Fast emerging as one of the brightest analogue enthusiasts around, Berlin-based producer Willis Anne and his hardware-driven LAN event have expanded their project by launching a new series of digital releases. Looking to create a platform that supports and delivers music from some of their favourite artists, we’re given a taste of what’s to come via an inaugural release from Willis himself.

With a great knack for producing music that amalgamates raw, percussive energy and the ebbs and flows of iridescent synth, the second and third tracks showcase what the Frenchman does best, while the sparse, electro-referencing opener demonstrates a great appreciation for space, as well as his favoured turbulent approach.

You can expect the likes of LAN-affiliated artists Steven Tang, Perseus Traxx, Steve Summers and Andreas Gehm to feature on the series at some point, but in the meantime why don’t you whet your appetite with this excellent three track number.

You can purchase LAN001 here.

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