Willis Anne, the producer and founder of Berlin-based record label LAN drops a second release on the fledgling imprint in the form of his Undergrounder EP. The label serves as a platform for Willis’ own productions and a second outing proves to be a concise piece of work, successfully conveying the hypnotic and mystical energy of his distinct live act performances, as well as further highlighting the methodical nature of his production style.

‘Expecting Myself’ begins with soaring pads rising from the initial motorik pulse which sees the track come into fruition, only to have the drums evolve and augment themselves similarly to accompany this ascension in sound. The central synthesiser melody roots itself firmly into the spotlight once its established, and proves to be very alluring – once gone, the booming remnants of the track’s backbone rhythm are eventually all that remain as things draw to a close. ‘Automatic Body’ follows, consisting of squelching synths which are embellished via the use of some pretty abrasive percussion, ramping up the tempo until everything falls into its designated place to complete the whole.

Final offering ‘Nonlinearity’ operates on very much the low end of the spectrum as it progressively builds upon its sumptuous melody, which really does swell with poignancy. Distorted vocals pave the way for the song’s second movement, which features a reprise of the initial synthesisers, albeit this time with a flurry of cymbals that help the track, and indeed the EP, reach a pinnacle in terms of its truly glorious sound.

The Undergrounder EP is now in both vinyl and digital format – buy direct from the label.

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