Wilted Woman and Nick Klein have collaborated for the first time, serving up a cassette for Chloe Frieda‘s excellent Alien Jams imprint.

A fifty-minute piece split into two parts, Café Kotti was recorded last November during Domingo Castillo’s Program: Etc. exhibition. Liner notes describe how the “haunting A-side skews eerily under-surface melodies that interlace with feedback, winding loops and noise, whilst the B-side teases in dark rhythmic patterns and pulsating synths to create an intriguing atmosphere.”

Bringing her signature “anxiety rhythm” brand of avant-garde, analogue electronics, the cassette marks a return to the label for Berlin’s Wilted Woman following 2017’s Home Listener EPPrimitive Languages co-founder Klein, on the other hand, makes his Alien Jams debut following well-received efforts for the likes of L.I.E.S, and BANK Records. The product of a long-standing working relationship between the experimentally-inclined artists, hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve seen of them as a duo.

Café Kotti is out now on Alien Jams – buy it here.

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