Meeting in 2011, Jan Schulte, AKA Wolf Müller, found a kindred spirit in fellow German drum fanatic Niklas Wandt and they’ve been working together ever since. Turn the clock forward to early 2018 and the duo will unveil their first fully-fledged collaboration, a twelve-track album set for release on Growing Bin Records called Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World (which translates to “Instrumental music from the centre of the world”).

Liner notes promising “a supernatural mission into the heart of the rhythm” signal a departure from the label’s ambient output, while the sleeve art shows the Schulte and Wandt sat on the bank of a stream flanked by weeping flora, surrounded by percussive instruments, a solitary synth and an MPC. Offering “three trance-inducing epics, a handful of medium-sized movers and a couple of freeform interludes,” it’s a collaboration that continues to bear fruit. Schulte’s captivating Fourth World aesthetics and Wandt’s improvisational rhythms coalesce into something potent and otherworldly, recalling Tropical Drums Of Deutschland, a compilation of percussion-led exotica the former curated for Music For Dreams earlier this year.

Growing Bin Records will release Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World in early 2018.

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