Going Good Records has a history of bringing to attention peculiar and generally forward-facing electronic excursions spanning a variety of genres. Richly nuanced productions from the likes of Nummer, Moon B and Yoshinori Hayashi have appeared on the Brixton-based label, all imbued with remarkable qualities that leave quite an impression. The eleventh outing continues this notion with XI at the control panel. A duo who’s releases are few and far between, despite their first collaboration landing in 2009, the Nueus Deutschland studio in Berlin is home to a number of label heads and seems to spawn creative matches made in heaven, including this one, comprising of enigmatic SUED co-owner SVN and DJ Fett Burger‘s PE alias.

All untitled tracks, A1 begins the upwards ascent into the stratosphere. Soothingly held together by undulating reverb, clunky and varied drum beats are at the forefront, with metallic accents contributing to a compelling energy. A2 turns a corner to the more obscure: atmospheric, amorphous and abstract, it immerses the listener in sounds of the cosmos with percolating bleeps and muffled chords. Coated in a thick sheet of white noise and static, B1 swings like an analogue calypso, its repetitive looping satisfyingly hypnotic.

Occupying the B2 slot we have the track most likely to be heard in a dancefloor context – a house trip with an interstellar edge, it’s laced with tension courtesy of its tightly coiled rhythms. Rendering entrancing results, neither producer is afraid to experiment with space, texture or structure. Take the closing number for example: a piece of dusty, acid-flecked techno, the central motif is stuck on a loop, repeating itself until it achieves a hypnotic quality that’s almost Donato Dozzy-esque. If you look for music that’s both transportive, outward-looking and capable of ferrying your subconscious to a place distinct from the earth, this release is a masterpiece of cosmic proportions.

The XI EP is out now on Going Good Records – buy the vinyl here.

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