The Düsseldorf-based, vinyl-only label Themes For Great Cities finds itself delivering some audibly psychedelic gold with one of its latest releases, the Kabuki 12″ by Young Wolf – a new project from producers Young Marco and Jan Schulte, AKA Wolf Müller. As a double-sided disc it is comprised of two different versions of its titular track, with a ‘Ritual’ mix on the A-side and a ‘Spiritual’ approach on the flip. As professed by the imprint’s very own SoundCloud page, both tracks include “mülleresque [voodoo] and marcoresque dreamery” and, on that promise, it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

With both tracks clocking in at over 7 minutes, there’s certainly sufficient room for worthwhile sonic exploration. The ‘Ritual Version’ commences with its tribal percussion and subtly inflected accompanying sounds: as things proceed and the element of playfulness in the air is intensified, the levels on its persistent, captivating rhythm are notched up considerably to great effect. On the flip, Young Wolf’s ‘Spiritual Version’ begins with a similarly lucid, albeit slightly strange sense of fun, although the eventual introduction of its ascending synth is where it truly reaches a higher plane of existence.  A resoundingly beautiful and euphoric piece of music, this is where Young Wolf reach the apex of their abilities – or, at least, it is thus far. At any rate, it’s safe to say that a vibrant, exciting new collaboration has made its first indelible mark.

Kabuki is out now on Themes For Great Cities – buy the vinyl here.

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